The independent label subland studios® was launched with the intention of offering complete recording and CD production capabilities to jazz musicians in the region. 

Together with Cubase LE the studio uses AD conversion via Aardvark Direct Pro Q 10. The result is a 24 bit/96 kHz very professional recording quality. The monitoring system is based on Hear Back´s flexible system together with head-phones Sennheiser HD 280 PRO. The microphones are K2 and NT3 from Röde.

The name subland studios® was inspired by the neighbour, the old jazz club Subland in Malmö. The Subland Club, which saw its heydays in the 1960:ies - 1970:ies under local jazz profile Lasse Lindström, featured many of the great jazz players of the time such as Bud Powell, Lasse Gullin och Dexter Gordon.

subland studios® was started in January 2003. Subland Studios is a registered trademark.

Come Fly With Us         Catalogue number: SUBS0301
Wild Cat Blues Catalogue number: SUBS0302
Come Fly With Us II Catalogue number: SUBS0401